Plant Lovers Journeys & Herbal Conferences

Plant Lovers Journeys

Plant Lover's Journey to Costa Rica

With Rosemary Gladstar and Jane Bothwell
November 10th – 19th, 2016
*Traveling is an organic process and changes to the schedule may arise.

Along with Rosemary and Jane, your guides will include Stephen Brooks and Sarah Wu from Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living and Education.  They will be offering workshops in tropical first aid, rainforest plant energetics, and rain forest ecology.  Throughout our trip, Stephen and Sarah will inspire us with their knowledge of local food, culture, Ethnobotany, permaculture and natural history of Costa Rica. . We will also have the wonderful opportunity to meet with several other amazing plant lovers as we journey through Costa Rica.  Pura Vida!

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Plant Lover's Journey to Ireland

Spring Time on the Beautiful & Magical Emerald Isle
May 14th  to 24th, 2017

Join Rosemary Gladstar & Donna Winston for an inspirational & joyful journey to the natural, sacred and mystical sites of Ireland.   Considered to be one of the ‘most beautiful countries in the world’, Ireland’s charm is legendary.   From its abundance of mystical and ceremonial sites, to its ‘little people’, to the endless display of herbs and lush green countryside, Ireland invites, enchants, and plays on the imagination.   We’re delighted to invite you to join us on this special journey as we explore the depths of Ireland getting to know the local flora, learning from organic herbalists and farmers, and experiencing the sacred sites.   Our excellent guide & host, Christopher Gambatese, is also an herbalist.   We will visit ancient stone circles on isolated hillsides, explore primordial forests with local herbalists, hear the legends of the fairy folk told by famous story tellers, and, of course, for those who fancy, listen to traditional Irish folk music with Guinness in hand at the local pubs.

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Plant Lover's Journey to Italy

Experience the Art of Good Living in Italy

Join Rosemary Gladstar & Dr. Richard Liebmann
May 26th – June 6th 2018

Atop a broad hill in the countryside of Tuscany stands a sixteenth century villa. The beautiful Villa Certano, has been in the Baldassarrini family for generations and is now owned and managed by Annalisa and Ruggero Baldassarrini. They will welcome us into their timeless and magnificent home. We will experience an enchanting and romantic 12 wonderful days focused on herbs, health, culture, and rejuvenation. Beautiful grape vineyards, olive groves, beehives, vegetable and flower gardens roll gracefully through the hills surrounding the villa as they have for 500 years. The hills are still actively tended, produce harvested and made into exquisitely delicious wines, olive oil, honey and food for the table. A church built over 1200 years ago rests between the winery and villa. The ancient walled city of Siena is just minutes away and Florence, one of the most renowned cities for art in the world, is an hour’s drive.

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Herbal Conferences

The New England Women's Herbal Conference

Each year The New England Women’s Herbal Conference has brought together women herbalists, healers, and plant lovers to share their wisdom of the herbs and natural healing. Though the emphasis at the Women’s Herbal Conference is on women’s health, healing, and well being, the WHC is far more than an educational event. It is a joyful celebration of women spirit and women’s wisdom, as well as a special time of honoring the Earth and her plant rich being.

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The International Herb Symposium

At the IHS, we strive to bring together plant lovers who represent the various aspects of herbalism from folk lore to clinical, farmer and gardener, to shamanic and plant spirit teachings. We strongly feel by interfacing and coming together in the spirit of the green, that we can best expand our green network, not only locally, but globally, creating a mycorrhizal network that is organically ‘shape shifting’ the world of health and healing into a healthier world for all.. We, all of us together, are part of a revolution in health care, and many of the herbalists who will be attending the IHS as speakers and participants alike have helped green the way…..

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