Sage Mountain Herbs & Earth Awareness, 2014

Medicines from the Edge

Hi, Friends, herbal conferences are spreading world wide!! If you're dreaming of a warm tropical paradise in one of the most joyful and plant rich areas of the world, then consider joining us in Costa Rica at Medicines from the Edge; a Tropical Herbal Convergence.  Held in what truly has to be one of the most amazing hot springs in the world, Medicines from the Edge promises to be a unique and wonderful gathering of herbalists and plant lovers.  My good friends, Stephen Brooks and Sarah Wu of Punta Mona, Costa Rica are hosting this fabulous herbal event.  Join us if you can, and please let others know about it.......   


Medicines from the Edge: a Tropical Herbal Convergence
March 28-31, 2014

Join us in Costa Rica, a biodiverse intersection of the Western Hemisphere to learn about the abundant medicinal species of the Tropics. Workshops and plenary sessions by local and international teachers: in Costa Rican ethnobotanical history, rainforest conservation, permaculture, tropical species, tropical food as medicine, planetary medicine and healing modalities. Hosted near the Arenal Volcano on a thermal river, there will be healing and sanctuary, tropical elixirs, an eclectic marketplace and jungle gourmet cuisine. Workshops in Spanish & English 


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