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Cold & Flu Season; Are you Ready - eBook

Hi, Friends, my friend and fellow Herbalist wrote a great book on keeping healthy through the winter.  Its available as an ebook and is on sale for 50% for a short time!! You can can order it from


Rosemary Gladstar:
“What a wonderful resource! Cold & Flu Season; Are you Ready contains a wealth of information that will help keep you healthy, strong and virus free through the winter months. Carol is a wonderful herbalist, teacher and writer, and offers sound advice in a warm, practical and delightful manner. This book is definitely a great resource for all of us"
Pat Robinson, wellness educator @ Heal Thyself:
 Carol is an experienced ‘registered herbalist’ who offers safe, simple and effective herbal alternatives to prevent and treat your Colds & Flu at home. I learned so many helpful tips and the long list of herbal helpers to make easy teas, tinctures, infusions and syrups is empowering!  This is a must have herbal powerhouse of practical herbal healing! There are herbal antibiotics, cough and congestion remedies, fever and immune support recipes — that you can make at home.
You will be delighted to have so many herbal remedies that you can rely upon for your family’s natural health care needs.
Posted by: Jason

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