As we pause to put the last of the beds to rest, the harvest brought home, we wish to thank each of you who have joined us for our apprentice programs, classes and conferences, those who have traveled with us to distant lands on our wonderful and unique Plant Lover’s Journey’s, the commitment of hundreds of our correspondence course students to their studies (we are continuously amazed at the dedication and commitment of our correspondence students), and for all the phone calls and letters of support we’ve received throughout the years. It has been so heartwarming to watch the dream seed that was planted here on this Mountain 24 years ago flourish, the dream traveling forth like winged seeds on the wind with each person/student/teacher that comes here to share and learn. We feel more fortunate than we can ever express for the beauty each of you bring to the Mountain and the beauty each of you take home with you. It’s more than just herbal teachings and formulas and recipes for health & well being, but a deep rich source of manna that feeds and nourishes the heart and the soul of each of us and the earth as well. It is sacred plant medicine. It is friends. It is community. The plants that are our teachers, that we are in service to, that we kneel before and honor as friends, healers, teachers ~ they help us open our hearts to one another, and to share a gentle more harmonious way to be in community together on this planet at this tumultuous time on earth.

We are in awe…of the green biomass, the beauty that surrounds us, and continues to remind us when things seem hopeless that there is always a way. Look to the plants that surrender everything they have at seasons end; that participate in the great give away each year without even a sigh of remorse. Look to the seeds that plant themselves on highway meridians and point the way or the tiny mushroom pushing its way obliviously through a sold block of cement to get to the light. That’s hope! That’s soft power manifesting before us! Its hope in our future and the cycle of life…. That we, too, can crack the cement of oppression and find the path to the light.

At seasons end, as fall turns to winter, we turn our thoughts to another year of herbal teachings and begin another cycle around the Medicine Wheel of Time. We invite you to join us on the journey. Though we are definitely slowing down some and not offering as many programs and classes as in the past, we still have some wonderful events and programs planned for 2011 (please check out Programs and Events on our website). We’re especially excited about the upcoming International Herb Symposium that happens every two years; it’s truly a grand herbal event and not to be missed. The IHS brings together herbalists, healers and traditional medicine people from around the world to network and share wisdom and helps to weave our global roots together in a profound and joyful manner.

And the Annual New England Women’s Herbal Conference (now in its 24th year!) is moving this year to a more beautiful and larger site, Camp Wicosuta on Newfound Lake (located in the lake region of New Hampshire). Camp Wicosuta has been a girl’s camp for 90 years and warmly welcomes the Women’s Herbal Conference. With more indoor lodging, nicer cabins, more classroom space, lovely grounds, and a great beachfront, we think we’ve found the perfect site for the WHC to grow into for years to come.

Wherever our paths may cross this year ~ be it in the gardens at Sage MT, at an event or conference, on one of our amazing Plant Lover’s Journey’s, or through the mail as one of our Correspondence Course students ~ I look forward to sharing and learning more about the wonder of the green world with you. With you, I am standing my watch, doing what I can best to help grow this world into the beauty it is becoming. For me, planting seeds and tending the garden in all its profound manifestations, is what I know best to do…..

In the spirit of the plants,
Rosemary Gladstar