Spring Time in Tuscany
Experience the Art of Good Living in Italy

With Rosemary Gladstar & Nancy Phillips and Dr. Richard Liebmann & Natalie  Young

May 26 ~ June 6, 2012


Dear Friends, we’ll soon be departing for Italy on one of my favorite Plant Lover’s Journey’s and we still have a couple of spaces available.  Would you like to join us?!!! Not quite as adventuresome as some of our ‘wilder’ trips (i.e. we travel in more comfort in Italy staying at a lovely villa outside Siena, at a fabulous mountain lodge in the Appienne Mountains and also at a delightful little hotel in the heart of Florence, the ‘art capital of the world’), Spring Time in Tuscany is really more of a ‘stroll through the beautiful Italian countryside and culture’.  We visit lovely botanical gardens (some of the oldest in Italy) to see the origins of some of our favorite plants, share with organic farmers and fellow herbalists, visit several of the small perched villages, experience the best of Italian culture (music, art, Siena, Florence), and daily indulge in the endless culinary delights of Italy.  Part vacation, part herbal adventure and part spiritual journey, all of our trips emphasize the sacred in life and connecting deeply with the ‘Spirit of Nature’ or ‘Terra’ that we walk upon.      

I hope you can join us.  Wild flowers will be at their peak, the weather is generally glorious in the spring (not to hot nor to cool) and it is pre-tourist season! 

Please download the PDF flyer for further information and/or contact Dr. Richard Liebmann at richardliebmann@gmail.com

 “I have just dropped into the very place I have been seeking, But in everything it exceeds all my dreams”

~ Isabella Bird, 1800’s