November, 2008

Dear Friends,

Rosemary and Robert at Sage Mountain Thank you so much for joining me on this amazing green journey into the heart of herbalism. It's been my passion and bliss for most of my life; in fact, I could honestly say all of my life as I was such a young child when my grandmother first took me by the hand, walked me into the garden, and introduced to the wonderful world of herbs.It's a world, I know, that attracts you as well, from so many levels, depths and heights.Perhaps you were also one of those children who held a special ‘green gene' and were introduced early to the Green Nations.Or perhaps you are just discovering the world of herbs now.....Lucky you!!! Such joy awaits!

For many, it's about personal and/or family health and about regaining some measure of control when it comes to making decisions about our health and well being.For some, it's about choosing a life style that is more in balance with the earth's sacred rhythms, and the rhythms of our own heart.For some, it's about career choices and changes; some of you will go on to become herbal practitioners. Others will happily grow and make their own medicines in their gardens, window sills, and patios for their personal joy, health and well being ~ and for that of their families.For some, its about the sacred....plants, after all, are our oldest teachers and offer us so much more than just ‘medicine of the body'; they offer us the deepest medicine of the soul that embodies thousands, nay, millions of years of life, change and endurance and still continue to grow and flourish so beautifully. Imagine a world without flowers or the green mantle of skin that covers the earth....there's no imagining...

You will find a wealth of information contained within these lessons. This is a hands on practical course that's designed to introduce you to the world of herbs.It will take you into your kitchen, gardens, weedy lots, herb stores and apothecaries ~ and if you're lucky enough, the woodlands, fields, mountain tops and seashores to look for plant medicine.There will be lots to entertain and engage you in the world of plants. Each individual finds certain areas in these lessons that deeply attracts them and may find they have a certain ‘knack' for one thing and not another. Not to worry; that's exactly what this course is designed to do ~ introduce you to a ton of things about herbs and plant medicine ~ and allow you to find those things that your heart most embraces.But don't hesitate to try the's in the landscape of the unknown that often the greatest treasures lie!

Green Blessings,


Rosemary Gladstar