Welcome to Sage Mountain Herbal Education Center

Dear Friends,

Another incredibly busy season of growth, gardens and classes is coming to an end. The autumn harvest is in, and the beds are put to rest for another season. Though we’ve had a long lovely colorful autumn, I can feel the weather changing as I type. First snows are on their way, always a reminder of how much we have still to do before winter settles in with certainty. Each year at this time, we offer a Special Sale on The Science & Art of Herbalism, our popular home study course. We’re happy to offer our Online Course as well as the Classic Printed Course at a substantial savings. Winter is a perfect time to study and there’s no better nor heartful study than the beautiful and healing world of plants. The Herbal Home Study Course also makes one of the most meaningful and lasting Christmas gifts you can give ~ either for yourself or a special loved one. The Course emphasizes self-care, home health, and self-reliance, all invaluable tools that are essential at this time on earth. More than any one system of healing, herbalism teaches us to take care of ourselves, our families and the earth and offers a low cost alternative to health care that is both sustainable and renewable. Even more, it connects us to something deep and meaningful in our lives, often anchoring us to our purpose, pointing the way to not only a healthier but a more fulfilling life. Plants are joyful, and studying about them is fun! Join me on this amazing journey into the Green Nations…

All of us at Sage Mountain wish you a very special and peaceful autumn/winter season, filled with inner light, radiance, and peace.

Green Blessings,
Rosemary Gladstar

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