Numen: The Nature of Plants

A film about the healing power of plants
by Film Makers Terry Youk and Ann Armbrecht.

Numen is a 95 minute documentary focusing on the healing power of plants and the natural world. Filmmakers Terrance Youk and Ann Armbrecht traveled the U.S. to speak with herbalists and doctors, ethnobotanists and others about how our disconnection with nature affects human and environmental health and to discover how healing is made possible by embracing our place in the wider web of life. Featuring stunning footage of medicinal plants and moving interviews, Numen provides viewers with a new vision of medicine and offers steps to improve individual health and well being that enhance the health of the earth.

Numen is a magnificent depiction of the healing essence of plants. The filmmakers captured the magic, the mystery, the beauty of plants and t heir importance as herbal medicine in our contemporary health care system. Inspiring and educational, Numen has a place in the library of anyone interested in medicine, plants, gardening and earth ecology. It’s a powerful film that I’ll recommend to everyone to see’ ~ Rosemary Gladstar

Posted by: Jason