Science & Art of Herbalism - Meet Your Teachers

From Rosemary Gladstar

Hello, Friends,

I’m delighted to introduce to you the group of wonderful and highly qualified individuals that will be working with you throughout this course of herbal studies. Each person on our Teaching Team is an experienced herbalist who has worked and/ or studied with me at Sage Mountain for a number of years. Not only are they highly qualified to review your lessons, but they are also close friends of mine and wonderful people as you will discover as you continue through the lessons. Though different members of our Teaching Team may go over your lessons, each lesson is carefully reviewed, questions answered, and suggestions made when necessary. In the course of your ten lessons, you may hear from each of us at different times. Though I personally don’t see every one of your lessons, I’m available to help out with the more difficult questions, respond to personal correspondence, and I always review the final lessons.

I must add, that I’m continuously amazed and delighted at the commitment and integrity you bring to these herbal teachings. Thanks ever so much for joining us on your journey into the green nations. We look forward to sharing this amazing course of studies with you and to watching your ‘green enlightenment’ unfold.

In the spirit of the green,

Rosemary Gladstar



Helen Ward

Educational Director of the Online Correspondence Course

From Rosemary ~ Its such an honor to introduce you to Helen Ward,  Educational Director of the On Line Correspondence Course. Helen will be working with you ‘online’ to assist you in your learning experience. Helen was one of my very bright and exceptional students in both my Apprentice Program and in the Sage Mountain Advanced Herbal Training Program.  Completely devoted to her herbal work, she went on to study with other herbalists and to attend other programs all the while creating her own deep relationship with the plants and building her herbal practice.

Meet Helen Ward

Helen has spent the past few years studying and living herbs as part of her daily practice and her passion for the plants speaks clearly.  She and her family live on their family farm in the Mad River Valley of Vermont.  Three Springs Farm is a diversified farm focused on creating value-added medicinal products.  Along with farming and creating herbal products, Helen has a small but growing herbal practice.  She is a graduate of Rosemary’s Apprentice Program, and the Sage Mountain Advanced Herbalist Training Program. Helen has also studied with other well know community herbalists including Guido Mase, Margi Flint, David Winston, Kathleen Maier, Kate Gilday, Carolyn Gagnon, and Sandra Lory.  As importantly, Helen has grounded and furthered her studies by working directly with the plants developing a deepening relationship with them.  Her plant ally’s are Nettles and Elderberry

Marie Frohlich

Marie lives with her family nestled on a mountain in Central Vermont. An avid gardener and long time ‘plant lover’, she came to Sage Mountain several years ago for the 8-month apprenticeship to further her herbal studies after completing a local healer course with Sandra Lory of Mandala Botanicals. As a certified holistic health coach, Marie enjoys integrating her herbal knowledge in her practice with individuals and teaching through workshops. When she is not coaching, she is working with Cabot Creamery, a Vermont dairy cooperative, as a marketing consultant with their health and Education team. Marie also works with Sandra Lory as the Teacher Host and Facilitator at the International Herb Symposium and at the New England Women’s Herbal Conference. Marie is also an herbal medicine maker and wild crafter and sells her wild crafted Chaga tinctures at our local coop. Her passion lies with staying connected to the land, growing healthy foods and herbs and helping others improve their quality of life. Her by-line is co-creating health from the heart, you can learn more about Marie at

Holly Hayward

Holly is a passionate and dedicated Herbalist who has been working with medicinal plants for the past 22 years. A graduate of the Sage Mountain Advanced Herbal Studies program, Holly enthusiastically shares her knowledge and love of the green world. She bases her work on both the time honored traditional uses of Herbs as well as scientific study and research to educate people in the safe and effective uses of botanical medicines. In 1990, she co-founded Sugar Hill Botanicals; an herbal Apothecary that offers North Country residents access to homegrown, organic and ethically wild crafted Herbal formulas. She offers health and wellness consultations based on a wholistic, integrative approach to fulfilling individual needs. Holly teaches Herbs, Health and Healing classes at the White Mountain Community College and offers workshops throughout New England. Dynamic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, Holly is always a joy to work with.

Jane Souza

Jane is a passionate and dedicated herbalist and student of life. She had a long time interest in plants and nature that goes back to her childhood growing up on the coast of Massachusetts. But it wasn’t until after being healed from a traumatic and life changing accident with plant medicine, that Jane began formerly studying herbs. She is a graduate of Rosemary’s Apprentice Program and Advanced Training Program and has studied with Guido Mase, Betzy Bancroft, Deb Soule, Kate Gilday, and many others at various conferences and programs including the International Herb Symposium and American Herbalist Guild conferences. She lives with her husband and their beagle in central Vermont on 50 acres of mostly forested land where she is surrounded by an abundance of medicinal plants. Jane grows many medicinal herbs to make medicines for her friends and family. She is a member of United Plant Savers and was featured in the documentary film NUMEN: The Nature of Plants.

Rosemary Gladstar

Rosemary Gladstar is a pioneer in the herbal movement and has been called the ‘godmother of American Herbalism’. She began 40 years ago developing herbal formulas in her herb shop, Rosemary’s Garden in Sonoma County, California. She is the co-founder of Traditional Medicinal Tea company and of Country Comfort Herbal products; the founder of the California School of Herbal Studies, one of the oldest running herb school in the United States; and the author of The Science and Art of Herbalism home study course. Rosemary also founded and directs The International Herb Symposium, one of the largest herbal events in the U.S., and The Annual New England Women’s Herbal Conference now in its 26th year. She is the author of numerous herb books including the best seller Herbal Healing for Women, The Storey Book Herbal Healing Series and Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Well Being. Rosemary is a gifted teacher and has taught internationally at herb conferences, colleges, universities and hospitals. She has written for numerous magazines and appeared on T.V. and radio programs across the country. Her greatest passion has been the work of United Plant Savers, a non profit organization that Rosemary helped to found in 1994. UpS is dedicated to plant stewardship, the conservation and cultivation of at risk North American medicinal plants and to preserving the land that these precious native species thrive on. United Plant Savers has become a voice for at risk and endangered medicinal plants and has grown to be a national organization. Rosemary lives and works from her home, Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center, a 500 acre botanical preserve in central Vermont.

“One of my greatest delights is watching others discover the joy and healing power of herbs. Thank you for joining me on this step of your herbal journey. I look forward to getting to know you through these lessons”

~ Rosemary

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