Course Overview and Curriculum


Herbal ApocatharyThe Lessons are designed to provide practical, hands-on experience with each assignment designed to enrich your personal experience with the plant world.

Each lesson Provides:

  • Directions and recipes on making herbal preparations
  • A list of herbs to research
  • Projects such as making an herbal first aid kit, designing an herb garden, or making your own herbarium and plant press.


Course Overview and Curriculum

Lesson one Curriculum

Medicinal Roots Bark & Berries
  • How to determine good quality herbs.
  • Where to get herbs/herbal products.
  • Herbs and allopathic medicine.
  • Herbal preparation: decoctions/infusions.
  • Herbs for the nervous system.
  • Herbal nervine formulas.
  • General suggestions for a healthy nervous system.
  • Health problems related to the nervous system.
  • Materia medica for the nervous system.
  • Wild plant identification: St. John's wort

Lesson Two Curriculum

Herbal Medicine Show
  • Beverage blends
  • How to create beverage blends.
  • Terminology used to describe herbs.
  • Weights and measures charts
  • Herbal Preparation
  • Herbal oils
  • Salves, ointments, and balms
  • Solvents used in herbal preparations
  • Herbal first aide: skin problems
  • General suggestions for skin problems
  • Skin problems and herbal treatments
  • Herbal therapeutics: the liver
  • The medicinal action of alterative
  • Materia medica
  • Liver imbalances
  • Herbal treatments for liver imbalances
  • Hayfever and allergies
  • Wild plant identification

Lesson Three Curriculum

  • Science versus art
  • Herbal Preparation
  • Tinctures
  • Liniments
  • Capsules
  • Herbal Pills
  • Herbal therapeutics: the respiratory system
  • General guidelines
  • Materia medica
  • When to treat the respiratory system
  • Favorite formulas for the respiratory system
  • Programs to follow for respiratory infections
  • Asthma/Hayfever/Allergies
  • The fine art of drying, harvesting, and storing herbs
  • When to harvest
  • Drying your herbs
  • Storage
  • Introduction to Herb identification

Lesson Four Curriculum

  • Herbs for children
  • Which herbs are safe for children
  • Materia medica
  • How to determine dosage
  • How to administer herbs
  • General formulas
  • Herbal remedies for children
  • Recipes for children's products
  • Major chemical constituents of herbs
  • Herbal therapeutics: the urinary system
  • Herbs for the urinary system
  • Materia medica for the urinary system
  • Healthy kidneys
  • Common imbalances of the urinary system
  • Basic aromatherapy
  • Essential medicine
  • Essential oils
  • Aromatherapy charts
  • Herbal Dreams
  • Dream pillows
  • Dream tea
  • Dream balm
  • Wild plant identification: Dandelion

Lesson Five Curriculum

  • Herbal pet care
  • General suggestions
  • Materia medica
  • Common health problems of animals
  • Herbal preparations: Charmoon's 6th. chakra sauce
  • The sciences of herbs
  • Compresses and poultices
  • Poultices
  • Compresses
  • How to make poultices and compresses
  • The incredible plantain poultice
  • Herbal stimulants
  • How stimulation therapy works
  • When to use herbal stimulants
  • When not to use herbal stimulants
  • Materia medica: herbal stimulants
  • Examples of formulas
  • Therapies using herbal stimulants
  • Stevia and Guarana
  • Natural cosmetics
  • 5 Steps to perfect skin
  • The recipes
  • Beauty and the bath
  • Home health care products
  • Where to get containers and ingredients
  • Making your herbal first aide kit
  • Kitchen medicine
  • Herbal remedies for radiation
  • Survival tactics
  • Nutritional antidotes
  • Wild plant identification: chickweed

Lesson Six Curriculum

  • General concerns of women
  • Books on women's health
  • Women's ceremony and ritual
  • Herbs for the female reproductive system
  • General guidelines for a healthy female system
  • Specific treatments common health problems
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Formulas for pregnancy
  • Renewing the body after birth
  • Recommended reading
  • Menopause and croneship
  • Signs of menopause
  • General guidelines for menopause
  • Specific treatments for menopause
  • Estrogen replacement therapy
  • Conclusion

Lesson Seven Curriculum

Winter on Sage Mountain
  • Creating medicinal formulas
  • Guidelines for creating medicinal blends
  • Examples of formulation
  • Exercises for you to do
  • Herbs for winter health
  • General guidelines for winter health
  • Favorite winter time recipes
  • Herbal remedies for winter health
  • Herbal therapeutics for male health care
  • General guidelines for male health care
  • Materia medica for the male system
  • Herbal tonics for the male system
  • Specific male health problems
  • Herbs and health care by J. Green
  • Wild plant identification: Yellow dock

Lesson Eight Curriculum

Perinnial Pleasures
  • Herb gardening
  • The basics of gardening
  • Recommended reading on herb gardening
  • Designing the herb garden
  • The culinary garden
  • Recipes from the culinary garden
  • The medicinal garden
  • The medicine wheel herb garden
  • How I build my herb garden
  • Zigzag to success J. Garden product directory
  • Making your own herbarium and plant press
  • Making a plant press
  • Treatment of scabies and crab infestations
  • Herbal preparation: vitamin and mineral formulas
  • Herbal therapeutics: the digestive system
  • Materia medica for the digestive system
  • Imbalances of the digestive system and herbal treatments

Lesson Nine Curriculum

Herbal Skin Care
  • Preventative health care
  • Clinical mock up cases
  • Prescription for health and happiness
  • Pathways to health and healing by F. Davidson
  • Purification and regeneration
  • Transition: Ringing the changes
  • Purification diet
  • Acid/alkaline foods
  • Sources of nutrition in herbs and food
  • Good health and your skin
  • Legal herbalism
  • Legal herbalism by K. Collins
  • How to handle an FDA or state inspection
  • Legal aspects of herbal prescribing
  • The question of "safe" and "unsafe" herbs
  • Then toxicity hype by M. Blumenthal
  • "Herbs are often more toxic than magical"
  • Food for thought

Lesson Ten Curriculum

  • Wild plant identification
  • Eight steps to learning plant identification
  • Wild food cooking
  • Recipes
  • Flower essences
  • Flower essence preparation and usage
  • Dosages/How to administer
  • Rescue remedy
  • Bach flower essences
  • Where to obtain flower essences
  • The immune system
  • Autoimmunity
  • The immune system and aging
  • Herbs for the immune system
  • Building a healthy immune system
  • Materia medica for the immune system
  • Resources for continuing your herbal studies
  • Final Quiz

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